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Arc 1.3 Afterparty overdrive

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Arc Magazine
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
160 pages Perfect-bound
Sci-fi & Fantasy
Future, futurism, futurology, new scientist, prediction, science fiction, technology

Futures and fiction from the makers of New Scientist.

We've thrown the wildest party this planet has ever seen, and right now we're at our most prosperous, most peaceable, most affluent, most healthy. True, we’ve strained our life-support systems almost beyond repair. But not every party ends in tears…

In this issue: Neal Stephenson brings us to our feet; Broadway producer David Binder takes us to the new festival; Justin Pickard and Simon Ings find rough pleasure in the streets; Sumit Paul-Choudhury gets us into the singularity disco; and Christina Agapakis shows off her garden of biohacked delights. Also in Arc 1.3: open-source celebrities multiply in Lavie Tidhar's Changing Faces; smash-and-grab shoppers run amock in Tim Maughan's Limited Edition. David Gullen's All Your Futures, wryly celebrates humanity's Outward Urge, and Nan Craig's Scrapmetal drops a killing machine into Port Talbot.

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Arc, A magazine about the future: Arc 1.3 Afterparty overdrive