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Corners n' Napkins

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Published by:
Chris Sullivan
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
20 pages Saddle-stitched

A pen takes to brick and flails, next is a filthy paper waiting thumbnail, a napkin chats about waiting in chairs at a reading to hear, turning the page a door slams eardrum pulsing last cigaret looks these are real corners encountered at the scale of napkins, inside & out what I have found, is a wave form, lunar lighting. stubble of stucco - I could tell you plenty about Stucco, but Corners n Napkins is not concerned with stucco, some corners trap, some corners - we do not know some corners we do, they Deify light, limes cool orange invites lizards to cross napkin relieves, napkin assures Napkin will take a Bullet for the Chief napkin taps at corners of mouth decides to lie & emphasize perfection can be achieved in the photography of napkin solicits its surface to write on and i love cycles of perfection to ruin some of these corners are severe they are hard corners you would not like in a prison guard we like the corner that wanders for god that cant, that wiggle, is ours

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Slight Publications: Corners n' Napkins