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Published by:
Laurie Perez
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
70 pages Perfect-bound
clarity, enlightenment, focus, Inspiration, joybroker, mindfulness, photography, poetry, tao, yin yang

"Each page is filled with insightful takes on life, an insistence on living in the moment, a regard for the beauty in life, people and objects. You'd want to tuck it into your suitcase to accompany you on a long trip." -Bobby

WakeUP is a luminous collaboration by Raul Riena and Laurie Perez.

"Laurie Perez invites us and stimulates us to delve into the wonder of life - its light, love, and joy... This book is thought provoking, uplifting, challenging. I enjoyed it immensely!" -Melinda

"An uplifting call for a fresh perspective to life and love. She inspires gratitude for ALL that your life is already bringing you, and an open heart to receive the gifts and challenges that are on the way." -Laura

"Wake UP is a fabulous book. I read it for daily inspiration." -Dana

[TIP: The book is laid out sideways; to read digital versions, select all and ROTATE. The PDF is encrypted to prevent changes, so rotate each time you open it. Cheers!]

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