Rise. Fall. Repeat. :

Soul of the Machine VOLUME 01

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Published by:
Nicholas Bain
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
84 pages Perfect-bound
Sci-fi & Fantasy
art, cyberpunk, Digital, experimental, industrial, multi media, music, science fiction, scifi

In a near future alternate reality, Soul of the Machine Enterprises is an international megacorp who changed the face of the world with their groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology and the creation of the GridNET, a super network that dissolved the boundary between the virtual and physical worlds. Two men who shared the same name and a vision of the future stumbled upon the discovery of the millennium only to see it vanish like a dream. Now, in a time where society's institutions have failed, governments are merely puppets at the beck and call of insatiable corporate appetites and the only rule is the bottom dollar. Neon lit cities, rife with violence, drugs and black market cyber implants are paved with blood, information and quarterly results. With the founders of the company out of their way, Soul of the Machine Enterprises moves forward with a nefarious plan, but rumors begin fly around the Grid of a powerful AI stolen by a mysterious group known as Soul ONE that could change everything.

Rise. Fall. Repeat. : Soul of the Machine VOLUME 01