229th Army Band Live Fire In Rehoboth Beach

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By: Rev. Starr Thomas

On Saturday evening, June 16th in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, at the Pavilion on Rehoboth Avenue near the Board walk, Rev. Rocky Thomas, and myself, Rev. Starr Thomas, had the opportunity to hear the 229th Army Band, “Live Fire,” a Rock Band, MD Army National Guard, performing songs such as Mustang Sally, and I’m a Believer, along with others. Some of us older folks are taken back in time when we enjoyed what now are considered oldies but goodies! The area was crowded with families and older folks taking the time out to relax and listen. It was entertaining and music to our ears. If you get a chance to hear them, you should. Live Fire performs all over Eastern Shore, Baltimore and surrounding areas. I spoke to Commander/Band Master Warrant Officer, Daniel Stinchcomb , who said that there are seven members of Live Fire who have been with them from 1 to 29 years, as part-time, with some in college, have families and careers.

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CCMR TV News: 229th Army Band Live Fire In Rehoboth Beach