SiDEBAR: issues aside

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CJ Montague
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
12 pages Saddle-stitched
CJ Montague, features webzine, sidebar webzine, sidebarissues aside, yourenthusiasmisfrightening

SiDEBAR is a features webzine with a soft focus look at non current affairs -- if that's a bit dry for you, try this; if Carrie Bradshaw started a webzine, this would be it. We are channelling your thoughts, your concerns, your opinions. We are chasing answers to the questions of your twenties.

Welcome to our debut issue! - where we're airing our dirty laundry about our life baggage. We've all got baggage, but how does it shape your day, your dreams, your self?

Fabulous contributors Robbo, Crossley and Simmonds share their insights into how they perceive their own baggage distorts who they are; from where they began, through dating and dressing.

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SiDEBAR: SiDEBAR: issues aside