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Scott Lowther
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
56 pages Perfect-bound
aircraft, Bomber, Hughes, Northrop, projects, rockets, SST, vtol, XB-68

The Drawbridge and the Pancake: One of the more unusual Space Shuttle configurations Northrop N-31 Flying Wing Bomber: A series of turboprop-powered bomber designs Martin XB-68: A supersonic tactical bomber concept Mach 6.0 SST: Three fuselages for the price of one Kaiser Tailless Airplane: A flying wing cargo carrier Boeing VTOL Intercity Transport: A jetliner that can land on your office building Boeing Transport-To-Space: The spaceplane that needs to be assembled in space Curtis High-Speed Fighter Concepts: Hypothetical fighters designed for maximum speed Convair VTOL Tailsitter: an early VTOL jet fighter capable of supersonic speeds

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