Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal Vol. 3 No. 1 (January 2012)

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Jack Hunter
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Science & Nature
anthropology, Charles Laughlin, Fabian Graham, Guy Lyon Playfair, Jack Hunter, paranormal, Paranthropology, parapsychology, Patricia 'Iolana, Paul Devereux, Robert McLuhan, William Rowlandson

"The Sublime and the Profane: A Thealogical Account of Psychometric Experiences Within a Sacred Space" - Patricia 'Iolana

"Money God Cults in Taiwan: A Paranthropological Approach" - Fabian Graham

"Proceeding With Caution: What Went Wrong? The Death and Rebirth of Essential Science" - Charles T. Tart

"Transpersonal Anthropology: What is it, and What are the Problems we Face Doing it?" - Charles D. Laughlin

"Contemporary Physical Mediumship: Is it Part of a Continuous Tradition" - Jack Hunter

"Charles Richet at the Villa Carmen" - Robert McLuhan

"Nourished by Dreams, Visions and William James: The Radical Philosophies of Borges and Terence McKenna" - William Rowlandson

"An Inner Curriculum Vitae" - Paul Devereux

"Communing With the Gods - An Overview" - Charles D. Laughlin

"Brazil: Where Cows Might Fly" - Guy Lyon Playfair

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