Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal Vol. 2 No. 3 (July 2011)

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Jack Hunter
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
64 pages Saddle-stitched
Science & Nature
Afterlife, anthropology, education, Esotericism, Ethnography, fairies, Imagination, Magic, mediumship, paranormal, Paranthropology, parapsychology, Psychedelics, psychology, shamanism, Spirit Possession, ufo

In this issue:

"The Esoteric Experience: Positive or Negative?" - Mike Rush

"Supernatural Abductions: UFO and Folklore Narratives" - Franco Bejarano

"Application of an Ethnographic Methodology for the Study of Spirit Possession" - Terence J. Palmer

"Capturing Intetion?: PIP Photography and Shamanic Intervention" - Zoe Bran

"Evidence Unseen: The Ethnographic and Personal Unknown" - Paul. D. Biscop

"The Ka in Ancient Egypt" - Callum E. Cooper

"Anthropology, Evolution and Anomalous Experiene" - James McClenon

"A Matter of Spirit: An Imaginal Perspective on the Paranormal" - Angela Voss

"Psychedelics, Spirits and the Sacred Feminine: Communion as Cultural Critique" - Cameron Adams

"Reflecting on Paranthropology: Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal" - Jack Hunter, Mark A. Schroll & Fabian Graham

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