Something Formed:

About Dam Time

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Published by:
Max Rubenacker
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
38 pages Perfect-bound
amsterdam, artist, Graffiti, photography, street, travel

48 hours in Amsterdam. 40 digital photos in dreamy abstract shooting-from-the-hip style of street photography. Collected and juxtaposed, presented as a body of work for your consideration. Think of it as a private gallery opening. Suggested listening: trip-hop.

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Spend one lazy afternoon in a city somewhere. Drink a cup of coffee, go shopping. Do some work, or don’t. See some friends, grab a beer or a bite to eat. Walk around. Make your way home for an early dinner or freshen up for a night on the town. Maybe a good day, maybe boring. Maybe all of the above.

What will you remember? What image will be conjured by a forgotten odor, a song heard only once? Will you return in dreams? Will you stay long enough to begin a conversation, live in time to the beat of the streets?

Let’s go to Amsterdam.

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Something Formed: About Dam Time