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The spiritual benefits of Silence (English Dadavani February-2007)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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silence, spiritual

Talking cannot be avoided in worldly interactions. However in talking the slightest element of insistence, expectation, or opinion leads to potential for clashes. Then, once the inner entanglement arises, further talking and discussion only leads to more of the same. What is the solution where such entanglements arise? Hold your silence—maun with deliberation. What kind of an understanding should one set within? Any wrong worldly interactions done by the opposite person, is only the payoff, the punishment of our own mistake; he is merely instrumental—nimit in it. Therefore he is not at fault at all.Thus with exact understanding of Gnan—Self knowledge if we hold our silence with the other person, then gradually the account of worldly interaction will be paid off and will come to closure. Holding overt—sthoola silence steadfastly, awakened awareness remains, leading to increased energies—shakti to remain in the state of ‘the knower-seer—gnatadrashta.’

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