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With Internal Saiyam, Completion Can Be Attained (Gujarati Dadavani February-2015)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Completion, Purn, Saiyam

It is commonly said that it is not possible to realize God, to realize the Self (Atma), and to attain liberation (moksha), without renouncing the illusory attachment of worldly life, money, and without observing saiyam. But in reality, this is external Saiyam in which one, remaining within a guru’s (spiritual master) directives, he decreases anger-pride-deceit-greed step-by-step. Internal saiyam means that by listening to the Knowledge of a Gnani Purush, bhaav saiyam slowly arises. When one’s anger-pride-deceit-greed only affect one’s own self, from the point where no one else feels hurt even to the slightest extent,that is considered saiyam. From the time the conviction of one’s real state (swarupa; the Self) sets in, one comes into real saiyam. If one abides by the five directives of the Gnani Purush (Agna), there is constant internal saiyam only. That saiyam takes one towards liberation.

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