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Splickety Magazine March 2018

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Zombies, and dictators, and plagues—oh my! I’ve loved dystopian literature since I first picked up 1984 as a teenager. Though the backdrop of a dystopian novel is bleak, there’s something deeply compelling and, fundamentally, hopeful about it—a sort of defy-all- odds audacity determined to search for a better world in spite of the way everything is crumbling. The Hunger Games is one of my favorite book and film franchises of the last decade for just this reason—it doesn’t flinch away from darkness or death, but it pushes on toward hope in spite of the horror.

In this issue of Splickety, I’m thrilled to bring you stories in this vein—dark, sometimes brutal, but always with a trajectory toward something better.

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Splickety Magazine: Splickety Magazine March 2018