Mind Mess & Prayer Power 2-in1 Print Bundle

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Published by:
Latrice Fowler
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
164 pages Perfect-bound
Literature & Writing
diary, Happiness, journaling, personal growth, prayer, Self-Esteem, self-help, spiritual healing

Author Latrice Fowler shares her personal struggles with embracing change and living in her purpose of serving others through her writing and amazing storytelling in this first book. The suffocating thoughts at times tried to limit her forward movement and stunt any room for personal growth. If we would just deal with the mess we allow to pile up. Life could be a much better pill to swallow. Take a walk through the maze of the mind madness in the pages of Mind Mess - A Back And Forth Breakdown Of A Messy Mind.

In the second book, she not only breaks down those limiting barriers but combats her unfocused mindset by allowing the Most High to lesson the burdens she carried through His mighty word. Once you allow your mind to be reconditioned to think differently with divine intervention of a higher power. The reconstruction of the clouded mess that once consumed you can be lifted. Dive into Prayer Power - The Reconstruction Of A Messy Mind Through The Mighty Power Of Prayer.

Mind Mess & Prayer Power 2-in1 Print Bundle

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