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Patlabor the Fanzine

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Colony Drop
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
50 pages Perfect-bound
anime, colony drop, fanzine, headgear, Japan, mamoru oshii, mecha, patlabor

Years of false promises and failed starts has finally resulted in that which you most desired: the release of Colony Drop Presents The Last American Fanzine, Vol. 3: The Final Dimension. Yes, for some reason we’re still making fanzines.

This one is digest sized, just to make sure it looks oddly out of place with the first two. It’s also only $10, because people kept complaining about the price of the last one. Will it be released as a PDF? No, it won’t, so don’t even ask. Oh, and we decided to dedicate this issue to the one giant robot show that’s most likely to bore the shit out of your friends if you force them to watch it, Mobile Police Patlabor.

Within Patlabor the Fanzine's nearly 50 pages, you’ll find writing by the likes of Ian F. Martin, Shaindle Minuk, Brian Ruh, Renato Rivera Rusca, Daryl Surat and Matt Schley. You’ll also find artwork by Dawn “Usamimi” H., Eric Alexander Arroyo, Exo, Hazukari, Niki, Tofu+Beast, and Tom Winnicki. It’s all fantastic, every last page of it.

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Colony Drop: Patlabor the Fanzine

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