FJC Magazine: Aprill 2010 : Volume 3 : Issue 2
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Our cover story is an article on cleaning your FJ Cruiser. We’ve actually been working on this article for several months, and we finally put all the pieces together. Check it out on Page 4. Lance Blair continues to impress with his article “Escape Pods” on how your expedition equipped FJ Cruiser can serve double duty in times of crisis. One of our new contributors, Stacey Knight, is well known in the FJ Cruiser community, and she’s provided great coverage of the 2010 Lonestar Toyota Jamboree. Our other new contributor and team member is Bob Blakely. He was lucky enough to score a great tour of the Ricochet Off Road Armor factory in Utah, so be sure to check out his article & great pics. After almost 50,000 miles on our FJ, and in preparation for our July 2010 seat cover comparison, we have a great article on installing Wet Okole seat covers in your FJ Cruiser.

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