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Original Title: What You Want to Know About Masks — — Questions and Answers on the Selection and Use of Masks 1. What are the classifications of masks? ? There are many ways to classify masks, and the common masks on the market are: 1) Ordinary fabric masks (such as paper masks, cotton masks, activated carbon masks, sponge masks, etc.): The material may be cotton, gauze, wool, canvas and velvet, etc. Because the material itself is not dense enough, it can not prevent infection. 2) Disposable masks (such as nursing masks, ordinary medical masks, surgical mask, etc.): can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, but cannot prevent haze. 3) Protective mask (such as KN95, N95 mask, etc.): It can effectively prevent respiratory tract infection and haze. 2. What are the recommended types of masks and who should use them? ? (I) Medical masks and medical nursing masks: recommended for use by the public in non-crowded public places. (II) Medical surgical mask: The protective effect is better than that of disposable medical mask. It is recommended that suspected cases, public transport drivers, taxi drivers, sanitation workers and public place service personnel wear it while on duty. (III) Medical protective mask: It is recommended to be worn by medical staff in fever clinics, isolation wards and confirmed patients during transfer. Tips: surgical mask, medical protective mask, N95 and FFP2 can be used for protection in medical institutions. KN95 cannot be used in medical institutions, but ordinary people can choose it by themselves. 3. What are the characteristics of different medical masks? ? Expand the full text 4. What are the standards of masks? ? 5. What are the standards and characteristics of common medical masks at present? ? 1) Medical mask and medical nursing mask. Some of them adopt YY0969 standard. This type of mask is generally managed according to medical devices (with equipment name), but the product implementation standard refers to the attached standard of medical device registration/filing, mostly enterprise standards, self-designed and manufactured, generally unable to guarantee the filterability of bacteria and dust, generally used for routine care in hospitals, the main role is to block the daily cross-contamination between medical staff and patients. There are no particularly high requirements. 2) Medical surgical mask. It is defined as "medical surgical mask worn by clinical medical staff in invasive operation environment, which provides protection for patients receiving treatment and medical staff performing invasive operation, and prevents the transmission of blood,Medical Disposable Coverall, body fluids and splashes, and is the mask worn by medical staff at work". This type of respirator must be produced in accordance with YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for surgical mask, and has requirements for bacterial filtering performance. As far as medical masks are concerned, as long as qualified products are worn correctly, only one can achieve the desired protective effect. Multiple overlapping can not increase the protective effect, and the key indicator of mask protection is air tightness,free shipping disposable coverall, just like: if the door is not closed tightly, no matter how thick the door is, it will not prevent theft. Source: Healthy China Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com