Tommie Marshall (vorcy)

GREAT TAX REBATES FOR YOUR SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN Education is the key to helping our children fulfil their potential and achieve their life goals. While every child is entitled to a quality education that will equip them for a great future, the cost of providing an education can add up and leave many parents struggling to meet the related expenses. A small amount of relief may be available to you whether your child attends a public or a private school and you can now access a number of new education related rebates through the tax system. The rebates can provide up to 50% back on a range of educational items: up to $379 can be claimed per primary school child and $794 per secondary school child. (current as on pay someone to write my paper cheap ) As of 1 July 2011 you are now able to claim for school uniforms (including school approved sport uniforms and shoes), laptop computers, printers, USB flash drives, educational software, internet connection, text and reference books and stationary items. Remember though to claim you need to keep your receipts. To be able to claim the refunds, you will have to be eligible for the Family Tax Benefit (Part A). To check your eligibility, log onto education tax refund and view the full range of items that can be claimed. If you haven’t already done so, speak to your accountant about your eligibility of this rebate scheme, or contact the Australian Tax Office. The costs of raising children can all add up, giving your children mobile phones for safety, paying for team sports trips to school fees. Thus, it makes sense to be aware of any rebates you can claim.