Cassandra Mizzy (veyrisinas1979)

We decided to head out of town to a sleazy bar and dance hall that had a rather rough reputation. She let me go in the bar first and decide whether it looked like the right atmosphere--dark and smoky--with plenty of single men. By prearrangement, If I didn't come back out, but found a place at the bar to settle in, Gina would make her entrance about five minutes after my arrival.
voyeur I responded, "Well a little on the light side tonight since I don't have a spotter."
cougar Even though I was sitting at the end of the sofa, leaning on an armrest, she came over and squeezed her way in, insistent on sitting next to me. We shuffled over and kept watched a rerun of The Big Bang. After a few minutes, Gina claimed she was bored and wanted to know if we wanted to watch something else. We both said sure, only Jackie was not aware of what else she wanted to watch.