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Automatic sprinkler system is a classic model of automatic fireextinguishing system. architectural lighting companies It is one of the most effective fireextinguishing facilities to put out and control the initial fire of buildings. It is a widely used, largescale and common automatic fireextinguishing system. In case of fire, the whole process of fireextinguishing can be completed automatically without human intervention.

The automatic sprinkler system has the double functions of automatic fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing (control). It has the advantages of safety, reliability, economy and practicality, high success rate of fire extinguishing. color imagination The general applicability of sprinkler system determines that the content of this chapter will become the focus of the examination.

In the past four years, the number and score of the test questions of the automatic sprinkler system are very high (the score is more than 10 every year), and the case analysis is also the annual test of the automatic sprinkler system.

When learning the automatic sprinkler system, we should pay attention to distinguish the working principle and application scope of different systems such as wet, dry, deluge, pre action, etc.

The main code related to this chapter is code for design of sprinkler system (gb500842017). It should be noted that the newly added contents of the new code are reflected in the 18year examination.

[high frequency test site]

1. Nozzle selection and installation

2. Alarm valve group

[knowledge summary]

1. System classification

2. The wet system is the most widely used automatic sprinkler system, which is suitable for use in the environment where the ambient temperature is not lower than 4 but not higher than 70.

The dry system is suitable for places where the ambient temperature is lower than 4 or higher than 70.

The pre action system is suitable for some important buildings which are not allowed to spray by mistake and cause water loss in quasi working state, as well as the places where it is strictly prohibited to fill the pipeline with water in quasi working state, and can also be used to replace the dry system.