Gia uses her body to inpower women who are scared to be sexy or takes nude, topless pictures of themselves. She want to tell to these women that they need to free themselves and be proud of thier bodies and skin.

Gia is sick of seeing women being judged and seen as a sex object!!

Gia thinks that we live in society where women are still scared to be proud of their bodies and skin. Some women are strong enough to celebrate their sexuality by showing what the mother nature gives them, but there is still long way to go!!

Gia believes that every woman has the right to be free with what she does in her own life and if a woman wants to be sexy or take a nude picture of herself, then nobody has the right to judge her or call her names or put a lable on her, without even knowing the story behind that woman!!

Every woman or young lady have the right to be independent and in controle of her own life.

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