Danielle Tran (ticrehocenl1970)

Jerry had passed by it several times, and often heard from it loud smacks, bloodcurdling screams, and a group of men shouting the most profane insults you could imagine. But just last week, Jerry had finally seen firsthand an inmate being led from the Temple of Torture, and it was a dreadful sight. The poor man was naked and had a heavily traumatized expression on his bruised face, which was soaked in sweat, tears, and cum. His chest, belly, back, buttocks, and legs were covered in red welts from being spanked and whipped. And down his legs dribbled a mixture of blood and cum from his ruined asshole. The sight made Jerry sick to his stomach…
prison The next night and every night after my husband repeated that ritual, the only change was the weekends when he was off. Then he just drank more.
drunk ldquo;So is this some sort of game that you 2 are playing?” Emily asked.