Tracey Gonzalez (thinkhtenecmi1986)

He gave me a stony look, full of all his stoic defiance. He would take every whipping she gave him without flinching. He promised to never break, to never worship me, to never be my obedient slave like Thushin and Issanik.
ebony Q. What's the difference between a woman and a fridge?
prostitute If a thief comes in the middle of the night into your home, would you try to reason with that thief as to why he has decided to intrude? No. You beat the crap out of him if you can, however you can. You can't reason with women. Women will not respect your intelligence. They will, however, respect your ballsy moves. The way you handle her when she gets all crazy. You get angry, every man does, when the woman in your life all of a sudden decides to act crazy for no apparent reason. Have the guts to put her in her place. Don't go crazy yourself, of course. Remember: self-control. Tell her you're going to treat her like a little girl because that is how she's behaving. Have the guts to walk up to beautiful girls you've never dreamed you'd meet and meet them. Beautiful women are tired of men being intimidated by their looks. They want to meet a guy who has the balls to talk to them and not in a permissive tone, don't lower your voice, be a little unabashed, untamed, unafraid. She'll love you for it. If she has a nice ass (big, round), and she gives you the cold shoulder, in a fun but manly way ask her if she's proud to be an ass. "Your ass is just as big as your ego". Find what is wrong with her. But don't point it out in an obvious manner. Be subtle. Tell her: "Oh I can see what you were trying to do there by matching your shoes with your hair." Be fun by poking fun at her expense. Don't be in the least bit intimidated by her. She's not your man; she wants you to be hers.