thin galaxies (thingalaxies)

I had these snared to the stock Sony framework and was not inspired, but rather once I disposed of all the bass move off, EQ settings and pressure from Ford and got these amped, they sound great. I loathed the Sony framework from day 1. They're in the back entryways, with sound stifled behind them.

The Alpine segments in advance are completely clear; I wouldn't put these very keeping pace with them, however they can stand their ground. They have great mid-bass reaction (HPF - 70Hz), clear vocals and sound hotter than a ton of different coaxials I've heard. I have them at around 80% volume as the front and that appears to be about appropriate to me.

Generally, unquestionably justified regardless of the cash and will make a huge change in case you're simply supplanting stock speakers. In the event that you can, give them some enhancement and they'll truly wake up.