Sharon Berkowitz (talkpaddwounde1984)

ldquo;O-” “Bitch, I said silence!” I gave her hard nubs another tweak. “Also, you should know that you don’t need to go through with this if you really don’t want to,” I growled. “You can, not listen to my orders, and seriously ask me to stop. And I will. I’ll untie right away, give you a sincere apology, ask you to forget this night ever happened and leave. Tomorrow, we’ll have our normal meeting and continue on with our regular relationship. That’s if you wish to continue being my girlfriend.”
hentai Oliver moaned feeling the screams vibrating his big dick. He sucked more on my clit, which in return made me drip onto his face. I felt so hot as I started sucking more of Oliver. Bobbing my head up and down on this dick, wanting his cum in me desperately. As I was sucking, all I heard was a big slap! Then the stinging came. I stopped sucking and turned around looking at Mark. He had a paddle in his hand, smirking at me. I stared at him, like I was in a trance, rapidly snapping out of it as Mark spanked my other ass cheek with that leather paddle. It made me moan out, it felt so good. During this whole scene, I forgot all about Oliver’s dick. But Oliver grabbed my head and pushed me back onto his cock. I greedily started sucking again, moaning while doing my best job.
lactating My legs started to spasm I screamed and my pussy started spraying.‭ ‬Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through me while my body buckled up and down.‭ ‬When my orgasm started to subside I looked to Sarah.‭ ‬She had stopped masturbating and watched me shocked.