SUISSE COMMODITY (suissecommodity)

SUISSE COMMODITY is located in Sharjah, 70 km from Jebel Ali Port, Dubai. Its core objects are import and export on the commodity market, including primary materials / primary products, food and non-food.

SUISSE COMMODITY act as the organiser of this valau chain – sending commodities as efficiently as possible to where they are in highest demand, ensuring the best outcomes for consumers and producers, in essence moves the raw materials necessary for daily life from their place of production or extraction to their place of consumption.

SUISSE COMMODITY trade goods as diverse as cocoa, coffee, rice, sugar, oil and precious metals. We also offer related services – shipping and logistics, inspection and certification, insurance and trade finance.

SUISSE COMMODITY has good, long-term contacts with suppliers and customers for more than ten years, experience are a solid foundation and guarantee for successful continuation of commodity trading.