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Are you going launch a smartphone app? There may than a million smartphone apps offering. One can classify them within a variety of categories such as Games, Productivity and Entertainment, while there likewise different platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 7. A user expects to see some features through app, when he downloads it, regardless of the its category or its platform. These are the basic features each and every app needs to generate. I have listed them here.

The vague "Office RT" is also projected for April 2014. android hack apk is probable a refresh of the desktop versions of present-day Office 2013 RT suite that Microsoft ported to ARM and bundled with Windows RT.

"Gemini wave 1.0" includes the "Blue" Metro-Style / Windows Store adjuncts for the core pair of Office products -- namely, more touch-centric versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Your current work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, and definitely will supplement rather than replace, their current Win32 versions. The roadmap mentioned that these apps will be around by October 2013.

But select from an postpaid option, since are a limitless amount of user, seems vague. Here are the stuff that you might prefer to consider again one does want opt for post paid plan. Include things like help one to switch to prepaid internet user.

Welcome screen: You might have an app which loads fast. However, never let your users directly android hack to barefoot jogging. Show them a well-designed welcome screen before they get in the app. This attractive presentation would show you as a perfectionist helping you in branding your products.

Mint (iOS, Android. Free.) makes sure you don't spend outside your means by giving a breakdown of your current expenses, including spending reports that can be separated into categories, pertaining to example entertainment and food. Users can link their banking accounts and credit card to the app to determine how much cash they can spend precisely how much they owe, making it easy establish and stick to a inexpensive.

Time saving tools. A large lot energy saving tools on the world wide web. You can schedule your tweets, analyze your social impact, labor account, adhere to the particular americans. Tools such as Tweet Deck or Klout and Tweetfeed are great to save your time and improve your Twitter experience.

Although there isn't Microsoft-developed Office for iOS or Android, there are third-party apps that do quite a first-class job at allowing read / write functionality for Office files. An 18 month wait for an iOS / Android version might end up with those who need such functionality would have already moved in.