Mark Miller (skilletdirectorcom)

When it comes to how to chop like a chef, you may find the most useful tips from the top chefs themselves. They have a wealth of knowledge that they can share with you to get you started. From how to cut meats to how to make perfect rice, these gurus are just waiting to show you how to do this.

It doesn't matter if you're going to be learning how to chop like a chef or if you're going to be cooking for your family, in food preparation, it all comes down to the basics. If you've ever watched how a chef works, you'll notice how often the chop sticks are used. This is because it's the most efficient way to chop the meat without having to use a knife.

The number one tip that chefs use to learn how to chop like a chef is to practice on the ground first. Once you can do this on the ground without making your arm go numb, you'll then be able to practice on a cutting board. This will help you hone your skills and will help you understand how much room you have when chopping.

Another technique that will help you in cooking is to use a lot of oil. Not just with what you're eating, but with other types of foods as well. What makes this idea effective is how quickly the oil melts and disperses throughout the food and how quickly you can start the meat from the center outwards.

What it takes to learn how to chop like a chef is to be able to change the cut of meat without it sticking to your hands. This is an easy skill to master. Simply take the biggest steak that you have and cut it into pieces so that you can easily maneuver the big chunks and quickly chop them into smaller ones.

With small chunks, you can use your hands to break the meat apart. In doing this, you'll have control over the meat while you create new chunks. With the bigger chunks, you'll be using your knife to cut the meat into these smaller chunks.