sa apea (sammirtan)

ServReality company specializes in the development of virtual reality Our advantage is a sincere belief in the prospects of virtual reality technologies. Every time we ironically achieve the desired result, but ideally we strive to surpass it. To do better than you expected is our goal.

We are ready to work in such areas:

- VR in education. School lessons in a simulation are not fun. With the help of VR glasses, students can safely conduct experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects. In this vein, we developed the BookvAR application on a state order from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for students in grades 8-9. - Development of virtual reality in real estate. An application that will allow a person to personally study the layout, evaluate the interior and the view from the window – a tool that will help attract the attention of people planning to buy their own apartment. - VR in medicine. The team has not worked in this direction yet, but we consider it extremely promising and are ready to take on an order of any complexity. We follow the development of - VR in medicine and know that even today in European countries, students and postgraduates study medicine and practice surgery in a simulation. Such an experience is extremely difficult to get in the usual conditions, without putting the patient's life at risk. Virtual reality is already helping to save lives, and we would like to be a part of this process.

If you still have questions, please leave a request on the company's website. Our manager will contact you and provide you with detailed information about VR development and terms of cooperation.