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Teknokrat - Complete understanding of insurance

Teknokrat - Furthermore, after reading the meaning of insurance, the two parties that you read above are the insurer and the insured. The insurer is the body that covers the insured party's insurance. Meanwhile, the insured party is the party who insures himself to the insurer. - Then, as long as this insurance agreement lasts, there will be a condition called "Premium". This premium is a cost incurred by the insured party as a condition of the insurer. There are 3 types of insurance that are run by an insurance company, namely Loss Insurance, Life Insurance, and Reinsurance.

Teknokrat - Loss Insurance is a company that bears damage, loss, decrease in the use of a thing, legal liability on the basis of loss to third parties, arising from an event that occurs. Then, Life Insurance is a company that bears the risk between the life or death of an insured life. The third is Reinsurance, which is a company that provides coverage for another insurance company.