Catherine Savage (roagrantili1970)

ldquo;Of course Herr Oberst, thank you Herr Oberst.” Klaus replied as he took the helmet, and swapped it with his own.
russian One of the men moves from the doorway to the couch, loosening his tie as he walks over. The other one opens the door for me to leave, closing it quickly behind me and turning the key in the lock. The air feels cooler outside of his office, and I regain my focus when I begin searching the crowd for Eva. I feel a knot in my stomach, and an urgency pulling me towards her that tells me she's afraid. I smell her perfume before I catch a glimpse of her, darting up the stairs and down the long corridor. Her velvet dress clings to her body and sparkles under the lights with every movement she makes, it's short, making her legs look incredibly long and slim. I follow her up the stairs and walk towards the bathroom she ducks into. She finally opens the door when I knock but recoils from the doorway when she hears the noise of the guests, eyes so big they almost make me want to cry.
pov quot;I'm sorry, but you are not suitable for our company."