Sarah Schol (riodelldardi1973)

Ethan leaned forward toward her as the initial blast subsided, quickly getting his knees under him, and then began to aim at Kellie. Kellie, however, quickly placed the pitcher over Ethan’s cock head just below her face, anticipating the next blast. Ethan grunted in disappointment and burst forth a second long steady stream into the pitcher, and after it subsided, pulled the tip up from the pitcher’s lip to aim at Kellie’s face.
mature I wiped the cum off of my face, making sure to swallow all of it. I knew that is what my son wanted to see. I rubbed the cum on my tits into my skin, then licking my tits. Afterwards I licked my hands clean. I could feel his hot spunk on my back slowly dripping down my back and rolling off of my ass. "That was so good Eric." I stood up and took my son by his hand. "Now let’s go into my room to pick out a bikini that you think your friends would like to see me in. Then I will go in the backyard, I will take off my top and you can 'sneak' some pictures of me to give to Rob and Josh so they can jack off to them." As we walked out of his room I turned to Eric and said, "oh and honey, I was serious about letting you, Rob and Josh fuck me. It will be hard to figure out when. Between Kelly being home, your other sister, Tiara coming home this weekend and your youngest sister coming home in a week from cheerleading camp". Oh, not to mention your cousin will be visiting tomorrow. But don't worry; I would love to get fucked by three guys!"
tits My son had apparently gone snooping enough to find out what size I was wearing and with my sisters prodding assistance. They went shopping, my sister went along, I am certain, so that she could know what outfit I had, so that she could top it. But to this day she swears that she didn’t prod my son into buying the outfit that he did. It was scandalous! The workout outfit that he bought had a sheer white outer and a purple sporting bra interior (B cup, clearly too small) and some obscene looking thong type bikini bottom for underneath the sheer outer. I checked and yes, the outer shell went transparent when wet. The boys did love to work me into a full sweat with their workout routines and this was really taking it up a notch.