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A Guide To Bass Fishing Gear One of the most popular pastimes of those who love to fish is bass fishing. It is a rather challenging type of fishing, but it is a lot of fun. Bass is a knowledgeable fish, and it takes a lot of talent to lure and catch it. Given the difficulty level of going about it, seeing one is an event for celebration. One of the main things to keep in mind while going bass fishing is the gear. At RedFish Tape, we help people find out about the best equipment for Bass fishing. Our blogs extensively explain the kind of bag that might be required and how to choose them. What Will You Need? A medium-heavy fishing rod is the first requirement. Bass is big fishes which need a lot of strength to catch. Therefore a sturdy rod will be a requirement. A silver thread line, which is approximately 17-pound is another gear you will have to invest in. Finally, a ¾ ounce spoon will also be required to attract the fish.

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