Phil Belleville (outsourceyourseo)

4 Essential Tips For Search Engine Optimization Today

Use Long-Tail Keywords that Have Even More Content

Virtually 70% of all Google searches are covered by long-tail search phrases. On top of that, a study done by Ahrefs discloses that most of the Google searches contain more than 3 words. This reveals that long-tail key words draw even more high quality traffic to a site as compared with short keywords.

Why is it vital to write long-form material?

Longer material has the tendency to be a lot more innovative, and also consist of additional information. It can have images, video product and infographics, among others.

It strikes the passion of people who share content with others on various social networks websites where they have an account. Moreover, longer material allows individuals to target long-tail keywords in a much more effective way. It is among the most effective approaches to think about.

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