Link Bass (organpint0)

SPEWS is a list which several Network Engineers, and email users have assembled and use to block spam emails. This personal archive is currently available for the general public to take a peek and use for email filtering.

Most junk blocking systems work after the the spam came in. There's a timeout between the bad actor starting up shop, sending bad email to millions, and getting IP blocked in the list by these systems. SPEWS figures out known spammy domains and spam sources, it eradicates them when they start, occasionally right before they start sending bad mail.

fight spam discovered that several of the many popular spam lists and blocking systems are becoming bogged down because of an high number of calls, this reduces their effectiveness. SPEWS does not operate A petition or vote based list of spam, entries in the archive come from the wisdom and expertise of the people who set up and use the SPEWS long list.