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Online betting is the only way to go in this day and age where modern technological advancements are fast. In addition to that, if you compare the local bookmaker to online betting sites, there are a huge difference between them. First is the fact that going online save more time and money than going to a local sportsbook. Imagine you want to bet on sports and there is not nearby bookmaker, you will have to spend money for gas, food and hotel accommodation just to bet on sports. But with online betting, all you have to do is sit back on your computers or pick up your mobile devices and you are ready to bet. Next advantage of online betting is it can be done even in countries like Malaysia where gambling is prohibited. You see, the punter do not have to risk themselves by going to the internet cafes and betting on sports since they can use their mobile devices and take them in a secluded area better than on pc. Besides, mobile betting can be done on instant-play online betting platform where you do not need to download and install additional software. Online betting sites offer you a wider selection of minor and major sporting events from around the world. In addition to the selection of events, you can also find many types of betting markets which you will never see being offered on a land based bookmaker. For instance the live betting market, a betting option where you can place bets even if the sport has already started. This sis mostly found at online betting market for soccer, basketball and other point-based sports. Last but not the least, the best advantage of going online betting is the array of bonuses and promotions. Both new and loyal members gets to receive special promotions every month.