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Less is more when it comes to summer weather gorgeousness. Premiere Atlanta makeup artist, Jennifer Holmes of J.Mont Studio, has some simple, weather-proof beauty solutions. With the motto that "beauty is a necessity, not a luxury", Ms. Holmes helps women in Atlanta stay beautiful inspite of the beauty challenges that is included in the intense summer weather. Weather-proof beauty is achieved from basic grooming much more so than from piling on a face full of core.

The show will feature the newest makeup, skincare, and colognes. Tickets are $15, which is redeemable toward your purchases time of the show. You will also receive a special gift simply attending the show. Have the tickets before they been used up by calling 702-862-2525 and request cosmetics.

Ideal for teenage girls attempting to achieve a slightly professional look, the layered modern bob with bangs is low key while remaining wonderful. It is instructed to achieve distinct cut before attempting to style at to your house. Styling is fairly fast. Part hair to the right party beauty trends . Apply a smoothing shine serum to towel-dried hair. Dry hair on medium heat, working a stiff brush through small sections mostly dries. Straighten with a ceramic straighten. Brush the top section of hair forward, toward deal with. Hairspray always be used supply additional stay. mean seriously, how could I not want this!? How could anyone not want this? A healthy, and safe alternative to a tanning bed, or harmful Uv rays. I do not know about you, nonetheless am very skin conscious, and building traffic . thing We need are premature wrinkles, and dull looking skin from over exposure to it. Aqua Tan seemed simple to be true, and therefore i could not wait to obtain my own tube your mail to utilize it out for on my own.

Glossy lip-gloss worn in copious, greasy looking amounts is a no-go for work. Colored, scented lip-gloss is well suited for hot date or a night time look even so, not for a departmental pow-wow. Leave the glossy lip applications inside your house. Bold, red lipstick is a simply fabulous makeup look, for not in the office. Stay away to wear your boldest lip color during the 9-to all five. If you must wear red geared to a blouse or accessory, then make use of a lip primer to dim the color first. Use the red color sparingly avoiding lining lips with red liner. Make use of a lighter color instead to avoid overplaying this sexy feature at perform.

At hour 5, I a really beautiful, and stunningly genuine looking bronze tan going on the subject of. I wanted to go just just a little darker, you are able to put a few more on when it's bedtime. Upon waking up, I a new gorgeous real looking deep bronze tan, as if I had opted on vacation in the tropics while I slept with my bed.

Back then, everyone allows his hair to grow to using a food smoker full afro. Others with long and straight hair keep it naturally right away. Another type of hair style may be the wind-swept look for. Actually, some hair styles that flourished in the 70s are nevertheless popular these days, with regard to straight hair; which numerous females love sustain.

Keep the contrasts high this year. Makeup colors for fall 2009 will be either very bright and dramatic or very neutral and clean. Highlight your eyes with dark, smoky eye shadow, rich purples or earth tones, or dramatic metallic eyeshadow and leave your lips light and neutral with pink, peach, and light brown lipstick colors. Alternately, use just a touch of mascara and a light putting on black eye shadow and by enhancement your lips with juicy berry colors, deep purples, and bright reds.