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Over the last twenty years I have been very inspired to work with people from all over the world and support them as their online life coach. I truly love motivating and inspiring my clients to help them accomplish their goals and achieve a great deal of success. For me I find it very rewarding to delve into the psychology of why people do what they do. From health, relationships, spirituality, money, career, fitness, and more, I enjoy supporting individuals in all aspects of their life. Most people on this planet are in a living hell so thoughts are their only escape. Some people choose to think about the past because it was better than the now. Others choose to think about he future because they hope it will be better than the now. It also sounds to me like he thinks we only live once, which according to mountains of evidence is far from the truth. "YOLO" is just a way to get people to spend their lives making and spending money which is why it's necessary to find a life coach. Being alive is being alive. Its beautiful regardless of what you do. Most of the "motivated" people are just terrified of being insignificant, of meaninglessness, or not mattering to someone, but they will become dust regardless. The people who knew they existed will become dust. Humanity will entirely cease eventually and their names will no longer exist regardless of what structures of meaning they have built up in life.

The reality of life is all of it, the good, the bad, the messy, ugly, distracted, joyful and grieving. You have to have all emotions to be human. You cant always enjoy the present, you cant always be happy, or "succeed" at life, succeed at being present etc.. Being alive is the gift, however it goes. The motivational sh** flies over my head, I am enough being as fully human as I am, its enough of an experience, being alive. it's amazing to me how people keep making money by say: "Be here now". It's an eternal bread-winner and the thing is what is as real as the fact that we are going to die.. is that deep sense that we know we will never die, that is not a mistake. It is soul knowledge so what you are asking people to do is to switch that off and get logical... realize you are going to die.... enjoy the moment .... and forget about consequences of your actions.. there is no karma........... there is no higher morality.. you can do what you want..................but you will get a wake up call when you die because you will not die............... you can ask many people who have died and returned to life............. they continued... you have evidence but your belief in death cannot accept the evidence................. that is dogma

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