Nichole Peters (leunemoron1975)

Ebony was indicating that she was ready to go so we started making moves to depart.
ebony sweatpants and still look hotter than 80% of the girls out there. The fact that clothes just seemed to cling to her curves no matter how baggy they were didn’t really help matters any. But her breasts, right now, were a welcome distraction. His stomach was getting sore, and his six-pack was DEFINITELY feeling the strain of thrusting so hard for so long, so he was more than happy to slow down and just grind in her as he sucked her breasts. But wait…something was happening. She was acting differently. She was squeezing his shoulders quickly, repeatedly, and trembling. Her back arched occasionally and her hips started bouncing harder on his cock entirely on their own. Her low moans became quick, fast, almost pleading whimpers. What was happening…? He drew a long suck on her breast, and she went tense, her whimpers pitching high for a second, then relaxed and he was surprised by a hot gush of something thick, warm, and very sweet into his mouth. She was….lactating??? Holy FUCK that was hot!
lactating Fuck I hurt. I got aches and pains all over my body. I wake up with misty eyes. I'm in a hospital bed and there's an older doctor stood beside me looking down at me. "Welcome back son! You're a tough kid. You took a hell of a beating that would normally need surgery, but you need no stitches and there's hardly loss of blood." He tells me. "Great!" I say sarcastically. "So when can I leave, I got things to figure out." The doctor looks at me as if I should be grateful I'm still alive, but alive for what? "We wanna keep you for another day for observation. When we went through your belongings we found a number and address for your aunt Jodi. We're gonna have her come down so someone can look after you when you leave." He says and my eyes go wide. "No!" I say sternly. "Not her!" The doctor shakes his head and says "Make no mistake your tough but you need time to recover. Which means no strenuous activity." He says and its my turn to shake my head. "Do. Not. Call. Her. I have someone to look out for me."