Foss Meldgaard (KilicLindsay1)

GPS Tracking is not just for vehicles and objects anymore. Smaller devices make it easy to keep track of people as well. Compromised populations, such as elders with dementia, people with mental illnesses or diminished capacity, undercover law enforcement officers, search and rescue personnel, and children can now be tracked if they are missing, injured, or abducted.


Personal GPS Tracker devices are also an added layer of protection for hikers, skiers, cyclists, and canoe or kayak users. Executives, witnesses, and sex offenders can also be tracked to keep themselves or others safe. Devices, along with real-time GPS Tracking services, have proven successful tools in saving lives. gps vehicle tracking device of finding people who have wondered off, gotten lost, or have been kidnapped has positive implications across industries.


Health care facilities that specialize in the care of the elderly can respond faster when a patient or resident has left the grounds unattended. smallest gps tracking device is a not a common occurrence, but can be a dangerous one. A patient with dementia who wonders off in the middle of the night or in winter months can be run over or freeze to death.

Keeping track of children, especially in crowded areas such as amusement parks or malls, can be tricky for the most diligent parents. A thin GPS Tracker placed in the shoe, or hemmed into underwear can provide safety for the child, and peace of mind for the parents. This is wise when taking small children on vacation.


Tourist attractions are, unfortunately, ideal places for quick abductions. Placing thin trackers in shoes or underwear increases the likelihood the devices will not be detected or taken off. Criminals can change the clothing, or dye hair quickly in a restroom, to alter appearances before leaving the area. They rarely take the time to change the shoes and underwear.

Accessing the tracking system in real-time can help security locate the child as quickly as possible. Depending on the services selected, data can be accessible via any mobile device, such as a tablet or smart phone. Security personnel in crowded areas are well trained, organized, and in constant communication with each other. A precise location will enhance the response time and provide information for a targeted search rather than searching the entire park.

Utilizing a tracker for protection and safety is easy, affordable, and wise. Quality of trackers and services vary greatly. Compare devices, services, and costs before making any purchases or signing any agreements.