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Hello, my name is Jacki Green. On the platform https://miglioriopinioni.com/, we collect reviews about products, about sellers, we do it in one place to make it convenient for you. Read reviews before buying any product. Even if you are an expert on the product it is important to know about the seller. This includes how quickly he responds to orders and how worried with the quality of his service and speed, whether he allows you to check out, and whether the seller is reliable. You and the seller should know what to look for. This is a good way to give other customers and you a head start. The analysis revealed that online shopping is the most popular choice for every second resident in the country, aged 16-55. 77% of consumers purchase online at least once a month, 23% every other week and 5.4% every day or nearly.

Shopping online is popular due to the ability to compare prices and locate amazing deals. Additionally shopping online is usually cheaper than purchases at traditional stores. There are many advantages of shopping online, such as the ability to read reviews and purchase at any time. This is particularly crucial during the coronavirus outbreak.

What were the things you bought most often? Shoes and clothes. Mobile phones that were the most popular during one time but are now ranked second. The top five list includes products for hair, skin and body care, toys, products for hobbies as well as perfumes, cosmetics, and decorative products.

According to experts, males more often than women buy computers, auto parts, electronics (particularly TVs) and products for repairs and alcohol. The fairer sex has different preferences - women more often opt for perfumes and cosmetics, face, body and hair care products and decorative accessories for the interior and products for children.

First, alcohol is included in the anti -rating of goods that citizens in our country aren't willing to purchase online. The next are drugs and nutritional supplements, as well as food.

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