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Investing in cryptocurrencies is a very popular form of investing money lately. As Google search statistics show, more people are interested in this form of investment than in gold. No wonder, because over the years 2012 - 2017 quite a few people have made huge fortunes on them.

Many of you ask me whether there is still a chance to make decent money on cryptocurrencies in the future? Personally, I think so. In my opinion we are just at the beginning of implementing all kinds of solutions based on blockchain technology and its derivatives. A lot of new and interesting projects are being created, which by their principle of operation can help in many areas of everyday life. In my opinion Bitcoin has only paved the way for other, more interesting and thoughtful projects. It is only a matter of time when the role of king of the cryptocurrency world will be taken over by another altcoin.

So if you haven't earned anything on Bitcoin so far, perhaps it's not too late to achieve even better results by investing in less popular (yet) cryptocurrencies (commonly called altcoins). In this topic I will try to present such projects, which in my opinion have a chance of success in the future and by the way give us some money on them.

All information published on the blog are the property of its owner and can not be distributed without his permission. Presented offers and programs along with their descriptions are only informational and in no way guarantee the generation of profits that are achieved by the author. The information provided is solely an expression of his personal views and does not constitute a recommendation within the meaning of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19th October 2005 on information which constitutes recommendations concerning financial instruments or their issuers (Journal of Laws of 2005 No 206, item 1715). The author of the blog shall not in any way be held liable for any damages arising from the loss of funds by third parties. Remember that all decisions you make at your own risk.

Everything that I describe below is my personal view on the issue of investing in cryptocurrencies based on the knowledge gained over the past few years. In no way do I guarantee that the suggestions and types I present will work in reality and translate into profit. I mainly rely on information from foreign forums, blogs and my intuition. Investments in cryptocurrencies were, are and will be burdened with a much higher risk of losing the invested funds than in the case of bank deposits, gold or most other known investment methods. I took this risk consciously and voluntarily a few years ago in the context of the potential profits that can be generated with this method of investment.

I invite you to read the entire entry to at least familiarize yourself with this topic. You can always sow a seed and what will germinate from it, only time will tell 🙂 .

A word of introduction The idea of investing in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin was born in my mind already a few years ago. However, it has been less than a year since it all really started in earnest. The situation was just changed by Bitcoin, whose price was inflated to seemingly unimaginable levels (over $19,000 at the end of 2017). Thanks to this, even more people heard about it and a large number of these people decided to explore the subject even further.

The current price for Bitcoin makes investors (especially the more experienced ones) look for alternatives. Not everyone can afford such an expensive 'game' anymore. While you can buy some Bitcoin, many people prefer to own it in its entirety (number of pieces at least 1). This is why new cryptocurrencies are created on the market.