Sherri Morton (horilciany1979)

Soon my whole cock was buried in her and I was really going to town, she asked me to slow down so that she could enjoy it too. I told her that she had already enjoyed several orgasms and that this was my payment and for my pleasure alone. I then told her that I would slow down for the next three. That brought a smile to her face.
shaved At their house, Jill and Jim ate some dinner with the unpasteurized Futa-milk as a chaser. Within moments, they felt the effects. They both grew slightly. Jim’s dick gained some girth and Jill’s breasts exploded out to an ‘E’ cup, almost destroying her bra. He whispered to Jill, “Baby, I love you and want to take you right here on the kitchen table!”
lactating Mary grinned and nodded to the girls, who pressed different buttons and lifted the leg-platforms up and away to give plenty of room for the sex. A bottle of lube was passed down, and after a generous portion was given to Ben’s backside, number one stepped up and took his place.