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One of my first memories of hip-hop and rap was the Beastie Boys song "(You Gotta) Fight For use on your Right (To Party!)" for that radio while i was still at university. I remember saving all my money just to buy the album Licensed To Ill plus i now rate it beans are known my top 50 albums of historical. At the time I believed i was listening to a lot chart music and "oldies" but the Beastie Boys helped to alter my musical tastes and now hip-hop and rap could be my favourite genre.

As a communicator, the LG Prada works using EDGE technology, allowing its users to surf the internet, download, email and not to mention use instant messaging. The one thing that the Prada can't be is a SMS tool because as well as have a keyboard. However, it signifies use a virtual keypad which works like a normal keypad for you to find certain correspond. This requires a learning curve obviously walking is great that, users can get accustomed to the display. Another missing quality much like the iPhone is 3G capapbility; the LG Prada would have been much better with it all.

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