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Men and women who have moved past shaving to get rid of unwanted hair and cannot imagine the initial pain of waxing will find that austin laser hair removal is the best option. The process is fast, safe, affordable, and effective. Some places are more affordable than others. The pricing may be comparable per session but the high upfront costs of paying for packages is not within every budget. To get more information about paying for each treatment as you go, visit our site.

Cosmetic Hair Removal

The more people learn about cosmetic hair removal the more they are attracted to the laser option. Waxing is available if preferred but will not last as long. People will choose waxing to save money or if they are not comfortable with the idea of a laser procedure. Keep in mind that a free consultation is provided for every client, which is a great opportunity to ask questions about the laser and how it works.

how effective is laser hair removal and Drawback

Lasers work on light and dark skin tones. alite laser hair removal & skin rejuvenation is available in two versions to make removal as comfortable as possible for all skin types. It is important to use sunscreen when getting laser treatments. It is rare that there is any irritation or redness, and any discomfort experienced will disappear in one to two days. If this does happen, it is recommended to stay out of the ocean or pool for those two days because the irritation will increase when exposed to salt or chlorine.

There is one drawback, and that is the laser is not always effective for blond or gray hair. This is because the light color is virtually invisible to the laser. The laser focuses light energy to the skin that kills the hair, root and all, at the follicle. If the laser eye component does not detect hair, it will not release a pulse. It is a safety feature that works a bit too well.


This method is recommended for those with light hair because it does not rely on detecting hair by the color. Electrolysis also works wonderfully on fine unwanted hairs on the face. It will cost more than laser removal, but it is worth it for safety. The results will last for three to four weeks, although clients will notice light hair start to grow during the second week. All methods are offered at Alite hair removal along with skin rejuvenation procedures, as clients will notice on the website. Check out the monthly specials while browsing.