Demaris Kirk (garnettharwood89)

Re-cast hidden body again outside of sight of the cleric, after that double-cross the cleric & outlaw. With Crystal Spirit Spear, gear up Crown of Sunset and also the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Next, from the second bonfire, eliminate the skeletal system beast as well as the huge skeleton. Since the bonfire is very near you wont need to homeward back. The very first 2 opponents ought to net you exactly 4321 souls, and also the 3 beast 7779 making exactly souls. The Phalanxes are also weak to toxin, so one or two casts of toxin will certainly take them all out (2 casts only if the initial one's. placing really did not strike all of them). It takes a little practice, however start casting right as run midway past package. At around of dozen of them for 250 each, that's a good piece of souls. With the ring for 20% incentive souls, that's 4.2 k for casting 1-2 spells. MORTALKMOBILEGUIDE