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Travelnista - Tourist attractions in Indonesia suitable for holiday destinations

Travelnista - Vacations are one of the most effective ways to relieve stress due to tedious routines and work. There is no need to travel abroad or spend money in expensive shopping centers, because Indonesia also has a lot of interesting places waiting for you to explore soon.

https://www.travelnista.net - Let's start our exploration of the westernmost tip of Indonesia, Sabang. Here there are many interesting tourist attractions that you must visit, one of which is Sumurtiga Beach, located in Sabang City, DI Aceh Province. This white sandy beach has a long coastline with light blue sea water, complete with coconut trees scattered along the shoreline.

Travelnista - No wonder many people call Sumurtiga Beach the Hawaii of Sabang. In addition to surfing and enjoying the underwater beauty with fun snorkeling, you can also stay in cottages that are many around the beach. Very fun, isn't it.