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We are all well aware of antivirus software as well as the destruction viruses have passed to personal computers. Virus attacks are so rapid and instant that you often realize it the moment your system gets infested with them. Each one of us searches for the best anti virus software so that our systems are protected from online hacking and viruses can be removed from the system. An amazing antivirus solution omits every obstacle from the path and with the updates, one can remain safe online. Install an antivirus compatible with the PC’s software With virus protection in mind, the constant thought is about the best antivirus software for my computer or laptop. There are several software that shield from virus attacks, but with “so many”, choosing the best is highly important. One thing you should keep in mind is that the antivirus should be in sync with the software you have on your computer. Free antivirus or paid antivirus; both can unite your system with safety. With a free antivirus download, you don’t have to spend the money on any virus removal software. There are from which you can download the free antivirus without paying any fee for virus removal services. You can get benefits from both the paid as well as the free antivirus software versions. Free antivirus downloads will give you the same benefits as are provided by the paid version. As a home user, you should opt for the free antivirus. Antivirus software: Benefits galore 1 - While being online or browsing emails, the antivirus software becomes active so that virus updates can warn you about virus attacks. Emails are prone to virus attacks and the way through which viruses can enter your computer. Virus removal software is justified with the scanning of every incoming and outgoing email. 2 - Viruses, worms, Trojans, root kits, spyware or key loggers – the ideal antivirus software can heal your system from all these aforementioned malicious software. The full-fledged security software has several versions lending complete security. 3 - Antivirus software has highly effective phishing protection tools too. With a link scanner, it checks all the links posted on social networking sites. 4 - Virus removal software is also capable of blocking users’ private data from getting exposed. Hackers will not be able to access the information. 5 - Antivirus software is capable of detecting the attacks a computer could face. Complementing immunity technology and antivirus software, cloud protection for all the users can be provided. So stay protected with a free antivirus download through various sites offering free services which can support your computer system with amazing features.