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Canada has really fun activities which it is known for and betting and real money gaming are some of the most popular ones. But gambling laws can be a very complicated and sensitive subject as it is in most parts of the world. Many governments have approved both offline and online gambling, yet the laws that are implemented in the gambling industry which regards foreign companies are quite unclear.

Canadian Gambling Laws

Canadian gambling laws are very strict for quite a while now. Only a limited form of gambling are allowed, but there have been drastic changes in the legislation in the 1970s which relaxed the restriction significantly. The Criminal Code has been reformed and it gave citizens within Canada the authority to license and regulate gambling in their regions. As a consequence, numerous land based casinos were opened all over the country. Even some provincial governments started their own lotteries and now there are some approved sports betting outlets, ran by government organizations. Even though these betting operations have different names depending on the places they are in, they represent a legal betting for sports.

Online Gambling in Canada

Residents of Canada who want to gamble online are probably concerned about the legislation that surround this industry. The only thing they should worry about is using foreign betting sites, as the law is difficult to read whether it is illegal or not. No Canadian law specifically makes online gambling legal and there's no law that makes it illegal either. The only legislation, an old one, states that it is illegal to be found in a betting house, but as of late when technology has taken over our modern lives, it is difficult to say if being caught on an online gambling site is it illegal or not. Because of that, there is no history of any Canadian citizen being arrested, charged or got into any kind of legal problem due to betting online on foreign sites. To make things even hazier, there is also no regulation in Canada for online gambling, which means you can be easily a victim of fraud and any type of dangerous online activities. The only way a player can keep themselves away from such problematic encounters is by choosing reputable, licensed and regulated online sites.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Probably the most important commission that handles online gambling licenses on the territory of Canada is Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It is registered as a sovereign nation on its own, though, which means it does not follow any Canadian laws Many online gambling companies have chosen this commission to obtain their licenses from and they preferred to move their servers to a secure avenue in this particular part of Canada, which makes these site responsible and serious when it comes to legal terms and fairness of their games. The largest land-based casino in the entire country of Canada is Fallsview Casino Resort, which is in Niagara Falls. In the online casino world, there are numerous of betting sites and casinos online that accept players from Canada.