Block Mercado (CunninghamNymand27) , the American electorate was weary and cynical and couldn't see how politics could move us forward. To Tuscany With Love is a touching story that captures the essence of friendship and life experiences.

He's was few years older than her, was her brother Pike's best friend and the love of her life.

The bottom line is that by reading your chapter, you will get to know your skin.

imp source of beauty has, of course, been at the heart of Italian art and culture for centuries.

The image is a large burning Buddha, illuminated by lightning, fires raging across his skin.

A Finish study found that xylitol increased skin collagen and inhibited age-related collagen decline.

I heard, that after Black Beauty got published lots of the harsh treating of the horses stopped.

It is easy to love them in bloom, when their colours are bursting, fragrance cast to the wind.

In My Skin is Holden's first book, and I got the feeling she began it as soon as she stopped using.

I found Beauty a pallid character, Giles no better, and most of the others had no flesh to them.

Skin is the first novel by Australian author, Ilka Tampke, and the first book of a two-book series.